So, what brings me back to the keyboard for purposes other than typing out lines and lines of code? Honestly speaking, I don’t know. It just seems that I have sort of rediscovered the joy of writing, the bliss of creation, the satisfaction of an urge well-fulfilled. The uneasiness of germinating ideas bristling in the mindspace was always there to savour, but nowadays I am enjoying the process even more than before. Hope it continues to be like that always…
Having said that, let me come to what I had intended to put forth. Today’s post takes off from the conversation I had with Mizfit yesterday wherein we talked about breaking free from our self-imposed barriers and purposefully striving to bring about a change for the better in our lives. She was telling me about her plans for the future where she wanted to bring out some major changes in her life. To be honest, hearing this gladdened me no end. Having gone through the process of making potentially life-altering (and hence, “risky”) decisions and putting them into action, I can say I have a fair idea of how one’s mind works and what one goes through in such circumstances – which is why I am happy that she’s finally decided to take the plunge (No, she is not getting married ;))
Typically, when one thinks about making major changes to one’s life, either personal or professional, the biggest hurdle we face is our own reluctance to change of any sort. I feel that when we start our lives as kids, we are almost untouched by fear and are willing to try out anything and everything. Over the years, we tend to put on mental flab in the form of fears, complexes and opinions (either experienced by self or perceived). Just like physical flab makes us lethargic and unfit, this mental flab slowly but surely kills the “can-do-will-do” verve that we possess in so much abundance as kids. In such a situation, when we get the opportunity to shape our life the way we want it to be we tend to look at this opportunity as a moment of crisis and make all possible efforts to avoid it. We can (and do) find 1001 reasons not to take that one step which will make the entire difference between a winner and an also-ran. What’s needed in times like this is asking just one simple question – What’s the worst that can happen? – and honestly answering it. Then suddenly, more often than not, we will find that things are not as bad as we are making them out to be. After this, all that’s needed is that little extra to make the ordinary life into an extraordinary one. And then, we can finally break free from our own shackles and truly walk free.

P.S: This subject is really close to my heart and I will surely return soon to dwell on it in further detail.
@ Mizfit~ Thanks for igniting the spark 🙂