After a pretty cheery (not to mention, heart-gladdening) post about friendship, yours truly now returns to the labyrinths of the soul. This post is a result of all the churning amd upheaval that has been occuring within me for the last 2 days. What all this soul-searching has achieved, I don’t know, but it sure made me take a fresh look at the way I deal (and should be dealing) with those I come across in the course of this walk through life.
So, what’s this all about? It’s about how I do something for the people I consider as my “friends” in their hour of need and when they are suitably high and dry, end up getting a royal cold shoulder. Now I don’t claim to be a messiah or a godsend who dramatically alters or improves the lives of people around me but the fact remains that when somebody whom I know needs help, my first instinct is to try and see if I can help in any way. I don’t really expect them to reciprocate in kind (that’s the situation nowadays, previously I did use to harbour such expectations, to be honest). But an absolute disregard for what they have got is certainly not what I would expect to happen. Put plainly, it’s simply not done. Inspite of many such incidences, my faith in the correctness of what I am doing remains unshaken. But one recent incident, in particular, has forced me to take a fresh look at this policy of mine. I won’t mention it over here, because mud-slinging, either direct or indirect, is not something I would indulge in, but it did set the wheels of thought in motion.
When faced with the question as to why somebody would be so “ungrateful” (It’s a harsh word – I know, but I mean it), my first instinct was to think that perhaps I made mistakes in choosing the right set of people. But then, some introspection told me that if I would not have done something for them, someone else would have helped them out anyway. Hence, I definitely did not do the wrong thing. Now the question was – if I am doing the right thing, why I am getting this in return? I concluded that since I have done what I could have done, and since I anyways did it with little expectations of getting anything back, I had the satisfaction of having done something positive with me. This satisfaction, I felt was its own reward, and that I need not feel so gloomy about why the other person responded in the manner they did. If they fail to recognise or acknowledge the good that was done to them, they are the losers, not me. Then I was talking to my friend Reuben who put it in as many words. “I would say you did the right thing. Don’t worry dude. LIFE will pay the debt. It will come back in some other way, when you least expect it.” was what he said, I totally agree.
This sentence of his set me thinking further. On deeper thought, I realised that what he had said was indeed true. If life has handed me such idiots, it has also blessed me with a precious set of friends who have enriched my life in such a way that it can’t be really put in words. As he said, it’s about fulfilling your part of the bargain and moving on. So, that’s just what I have decided to do – do your part and move on. Life will give you what you deserve, and in many ways, too.
So, here’s looking forward to a new life, with a new vision.