And yet again, I return to what I perhaps like doing the most. Make a correction – something that I just love doing – pouring out my soul on paper, a screen in this case.
As I said earlier, I will be dwelling on the theme of “Breaking Free…” from the previous post. Of course, most of what you see here esentially springs from personal experience, so you might not identify or agree with it to the fullest extent, and that’s perfectly fine with me. 🙂
In the last post, I mentioned about the mental flab that prevents us from taking on the challenges of life head-on. In addition to that, I feel there’s one more factor that comes into play – self-doubt. This again is a very tricky thing to handle, just because many a times, it does not manifest itself as what it really is. Let me explain – more often than not, when we think ourselves incapable of doing something, we don’t really stop at that. What we actually end up doing is that we find a rationale, suitably interpreting the situation to fit into our “understanding” about why we are better off not taking a particular risk because it’s too dangerous/unjustified to do so and not because it’s our own reluctance or insecurity that’s the culprit. Trust me, it takes a herculean effort to just accept this fact, leave alone actually doing something about it. That’s because we don’t like to have a mirror held up to us – it can be a very painful experience to come face to face with one’s deepest fears. It’s almost like being made to stand trial by your own self. So, we tend to take the easy way out. The best way to solve a problem is to deny it’s existence. So, why bother ourselves with all the effort? Why not just let things be as they are, afterall who’s gonna question us? No one, except our own conscience, which we have anyways given a royal cold shoulder.
In this way, we end up taking the easier way out, not realising that by doing so, all we have managed to do is to weaken our willpower. When faced with the long & hard route to success, we have chopped off our feet in order to convince ourselves that the journey is not worth it and beyond us. Fortunately, the will is an animal with tremendous powers of regeneration. All it needs to get back in action is what I call as the “moment of truth” – that one moment when reality hits you so hard in the face that you can no longer run and hide behind the facile excuses that you have been putting forth till now. I faced my moment of truth a long time back and it has changed me so much – it was almost like being born again – and equally traumatic, complete with the tears and suffering. But in the end, it was worth it, and considering how well it has paid off, it’s something which I would want everybody to go through atleast once in their lives.
I know I have gone on a tangent here. I started off talking about breaking free and wandered into the kingdom of the mind…By the way, that gives me a pointer as to what I am going to write about next. This theme of “Breaking Free…” takes a breather here, unless I come up with something really noteworthy.
Hopefully, Soul Country should see me back in action very soon… 🙂