If about a year ago, somebody would have told me that I would form a deep friendship with someone with whom my only connection was a stream of electrons flowing back and forth, and that too, with a member of the fairer gender, I would have taken him along to the nearest psychiatrist. But today, I stand proven wrong, and very happily so.
Before going ahead, let me make a few things clear. Firstly, this is going to be a mushy sort of post. Secondly, for those who are not used to me dealing in superlatives, be prepared to be shocked…. 😉
So, who is the one that has made the normally conservative (read: boring) me go ga ga? I won’t reveal her true identity over here.Instead, I will be referring to her by her blogger avataarLil Mizfit. The next question naturally follows – Sameer devoting a post to a single person is something that’s happening for the first time. What has this girl (I will refer to her as a girl only… 🙂 ) done to deserve this? Simple answer – she has been a great friend and a pillar of support to me.
Having said that, let me get down to business. As I said before, this post is intended solely as an ode to the beautiful bond of friendship that exists between us. But how did this bond form in the first place? The credit for this solely goes to Orkut and my gut instinct. One fine day, I was profile hopping through Orkut when I came across this profile, the owner of which claimed to be a dark angel. Instinctively I scrapped her and after that, destiny took over. In only a matter of weeks, we went from being mere acquaintances to being chat buddies to being really good friends (and I use that word very sparingly, let me tell you). It’s just about 8 months since we first met, but it seems we have known each other for an eternity now.So, now the question arises as to what exactly made us “click” (pun intended….)
To be honest, I am stumped for an answer, but I guess it’s because we “know” each other so well. In fact, if I were to get paid a rupee for every time we said the same thing at the same time, I would be a millionaire by now. There are only a handful of persons with whom I can let my guard down and be myself and she belongs to that rare category. This girl has an amazingly cooky (and spooky) sense of humour, which so delighthfully finds resonance with my inner abandon which I very sparingly explore. The credit for helping me discover (and be proud of) my less strait-laced and darker side should go solely to her.
All this is very fine, but true friendships are more about soul and substance rather than fun and frolic – you might say. Again in this respect, she scores high. She is one of the 2-3 people with whom I can speak not more than a few sentences and yet convey volumes. Typically, when two individuals move from merely knowing each other to being “friends”, they start off with sharing trivia and move on to sharing souls. We have gone the other way round and nowadays we zigzag between the two.So, Mizfit, I guess that answers your doubt about me calling you up and listening to your “nonsense” 🙂 Also, she has been there, lending a patient ear and offering some very valuable advice when I recently made some tough decisions and also when, sometime back in the past, I went through hell. Most importantly, this bond has been forged despite of the thousands of miles seperating us, what with I living in the financial capital of India and she in the political one, which again goes to prove that true friendship is not a function of distance. She is more than a friend to me, she’s the twin I always wanted but never had. There is an unspoken promise of friendship between us and I hope we keep this promise forever. Looks like I will have to stop here… I am getting choked by emotion 🙂
Mizfit, you rock!!!