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The archetypal Joker in the pack.But as any card game freak will tell you, the Joker is perhaps the most useful card in the pack, even more than the aces and queens. The same logic applies in his case too. He will keep you off guard by indulging in the silliest of antics and then catch you totally on the wrong foot with a sudden flash of brilliance.His comic exterior effectively hides a brain thats buzzing away in the background. We met for the first time during first year of engineering and barring one semester, have been virtually inseperable right through college and all the exams, especially the dreaded viva voce ones. He is perhaps my lucky mascot for the exams and some of my best vivas have been with him sitting in the next chair.
This guy got married in May 2K3 and is expecting an addition to the family, come September 2K5. He has the honour(?) of being the first of the pack to put an end to his singleton status, even before any of the girls could do so. All The Best, Buddy!!!