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Friend, close confidante, classmate, next door neighbour…the list of roles he has played in my life is really long. We were childhood friends but got to know each other really closely when we got into the same college to do our engineering. If people could be equated to food items, his counterpart would be surely a red hot mirchi. He’s got a shortish fuse and it does not take much to send him flying off the handle, but he cools off just as quickly. When in college, he had the knack of getting into trouble with the profs by saying the right things at the wrong time (ie: when the profs were around).“HANDLE WITH CARE” would surely be an appropriate label to put on him. Has the habit of starting off a task with great fanfare, losing enthusiasm midway when things don’t happen to his liking, and then completely struggling in the end to finish off the work. He will have to curb that tendency if he has to go a long distance, otherwise he’s a great guy to know. He will be putting an end to his singleton status at the end of 2005. All I will say is…All The Best!!!