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Again the credit for this nickname goes to RJD. I have not mentioned her name over here but those who know me closely will know who am I talking about. She is (or rather, was) my first true love. Unfortunately, she also happens to be my first true heartache. But, as always, I have no regrets. If she wasn’t meant to be mine, there is no reason why I should strive to make it so. The origin behind the nickname is as follows: When I had decided to give up on her and concentrate more on my studies and career, RJD told me about a story from the Bible wherein a grain of wheat will remain just a grain if it doesn’t fall to the ground. But when it does, it will give rise to a thousand blooms. Similarly if I happen to let go of my feelings for her, it will lead to many new friendships which were previously unimaginable. I can’t vouch for that statement in entirety but I have to admit that it has changed my outlook towards people.
But that’s not the only reason why she finds a mention here. This might sound like a fond reminiscence but I have to say I have learnt a lot from her. A good human being, always helpful, never afraid to take on somebody for a just cause – these are just a few of her qualities. Add to that intelligence, determination and perhaps the most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen and you will understand what makes her so irresistible. What can I say except that a corner of my heart will always be reserved for her!!