This post was triggered by a conversation I had with a friend today. During the course of the conversation, she happened to say that one should not commit to something with which they are not comfortable. To which, my reply was that the human mind is indeed a strange place. If we are uncomfortable with something, we tend to value/desire it more than something we are at home with. And this is what set me thinking – what is it about us that makes us take for granted what we get easily or without much effort? I have seen this happen so many times around me, sometimes in my own life, sometimes in someone else’s that it surprises me no more. Yet, I do find it a curious phenomenon.

Like many questions in life, this too is someone we can only have our own theories or opinions about, without really having an absolute answer. Personally, I feel it is because if we get something with little or no effort, we feel entitled to it. “Hey, why should I have to work my backside off for that? Or to even deserve it? See how I got it so easily the first time round? That is what is gonna happen the next time as well.” – this is what we keep saying to ourselves. On the other hand, if we have to shed a lot of sweat to have something in our hands (no, I am not talking about standing in a long queue outside Starbucks :P), we automatically tend to respect it a lot more. Not only because we have put in so much effort into it, but also because we know that if we let it go, we will have to do all that hard work again, and don’t want to do so.

And this brings me to the next obvious thought – why can’t we appreciate something based on its own intrinsic value, regardless of how we have got it? Why can’t we be grateful for the good fortune of having something without stretching ourselves too much. Believe me – there will be someone who would kill to have what you have. So, why not be thankful for that? Also, there will be times when you will put in your life and soul into something, sacrifice nights and nights of sleep over it, and yet have precious nothing to show as a result. What are you going to do then? Get obsessed with it and brood over it? Or just smile, shrug it off and get ready for the next battle? For me, the choice is obvious. 🙂

So, the next time whenever you get/achieve something, wipe that smug smile off your face. Just look up at the sky, and give your friend up there a big thumbs up. Tell him that you are thankful for what you have, and ready to fight for what you don’t. 🙂

P.S: This is not all I have to say on this matter. I will let the thought lie dormant within for some time, and soon be back with a follow-up post.