This post has been long overdue (and yes, so has been my return to Soul Country). Lets just say that I got a bit too lazy over the past few months in terms of putting some fresh content out here. But as I always like to say, better late than never. So, here we go, once again, walking the bylanes of the soul. 🙂

Let me make the theme clear at the outset. This post is inspired by Dasvidaniya, a brilliant film I saw quite a while back (one of the few flicks where I didn’t feel I had wasted my dough). While the film was an engaging piece of cinema and it was really easy to adore the leading man (deep down, we all love the underachiever, don’t we?), what I really took back home was the basic undercurrent of the film – what do you do when you realise that life (as you have known it) is no longer going to be with you. There is so much that you wanted to do and all you have been really doing is existing without making a difference to yourself or for that matter, others around you.

As should be apparent by now, this is not about the film, but rather on the thought process that it triggered within. Much as I pride myself (sometimes without enough reason..hehe) for “planning” and “scoping out” my life and what I want to do with it – this one question really foxed me. Have I really been prioritising enough? If my life were to end at this very moment, would I be able to tell my friend in the sky that I couldn’t have done better with what he has given me? Well, embarassing as it seems, the anwer does not exactly seem to be affirmative. Of course, the scenario is much better than what it was, say 2 years back, but I still have a long way to go.

So, without further ado, let me get down to the brass tacks.  If I am going to be just a memory for those who know me, come September, then this is what I will set out to do:

  1. Quit my job : Now this will come as a shocker to those who are used to seeing the workaholic Sam, who is always at home in office (wordplay intended). However, for those who know me to be the lazybone that I actually am (not many in this group – I manage to put up a good pretense 😉 ) this will come as no surprise. OK…jokes (and pretenses) apart, work is not something that I would want to be doing for the last 90 days of my life.
  2. Get a big, fat insurance policy : Considering how devilish I can be at times (I am sure a certain person will whole-heartedly agree with this 😛 ) this is all too obvious. Its not as if I have accumulated millions in my lifetime, and statistically speaking, the odds of hitting the jackpot in these last days is next to the beginning of the universe – a big zero. So, why not lighten the insurance companies coffers a little? 😉 That will also provide for my parents (or whoever is dependant on me at that time).
  3. Learn to ride a bike : This is something I have always planned to do (and will do soon, even if not faced with a 90-day deadline). Being in control and practicality is something I have always valued all my life, and for once, I want to experience the thrill of just letting go of all caution to the wind and race down a highway at 140+ kmph. Actually, I wanted to have a car ride here, but I guess when it comes to getting a feel of sheer abandon, a bike is a much better deal than a car anyday (practicality at play again) 😀
  4. Learn to play the guitar : Finally, one predictable item in the list. But then, rocking the stage with a guitar on my pelvis has always been a deep-rooted childhood fantasy of mine (alongwith playing Superman and saving the world from disaster). I guess thats what happens when you get exposed to Bryan Adams and Superman (in that order) pretty early. I even have thought of the song which I would be singing, and no marks for guessing – it is indeed “Everything I do“. So people,when I get the news, you better remember to close your ears or atleast find some earplugs and smile politely while I strut my stuff 😉
  5. Publish a book : Now why does this come in a little low in the list? Simply because this is not an ordered list – I am just jotting down things as they come to my mind. Seeing my name in print has been a dream of mine for some time now (what do you think made me turn to blogging anyways?) and nothing like going out with a bang…what say?
  6. Do some anonymous charity : I have always believed that all of us should try to leave this world a better place than how it was when we got it. And I don’t see any reason why I should not do so when leaving it. About the anonymous bit, well…its not as if I want to live a legacy behind or something (I spent all my narcissism on seeing my name in print 😀 ). The mere fact I could do something positive with my life is good enough for me.
  7. Go on a cruise : I have always had a thing for big ships on the high seas (and before you think so, let me clarify that this has absolutely nothing to do with Titanic or Kate Winslet :D). Just being at one with the vast expanses of water, the calming influence of the sun kissing the sea over the horizon – thats one thing I would definitely like to experience.

This was definitely a fun exercise (and to be honest, a learning experience as well). Everyone should do this thing once in a while (making lists, that is, not dying – you don’t need to do anything to die – it happens naturally 😀 )

Usually, lists of this kind include things like falling in love (preferrably unconditionally, hopelessly etc.), making potloads of money, or proposing to the girl of your dreams – now why those things don’t figure here – that I will leave to you to draw your own conclusions 😉

Till the next time I hit the keyboard, adios…