Well…what do I say, except that “I am back”. So what if it’s after a long time (correction: a real long time). The last time I wandered into Soul Country was more than a year back. Not that everything was dead and dull in Soul Country, it just turned out to be a planned hiatus which got a tad too long. But now, the walker is back and hopefully, he will keep coming back more frequently. Of course, this time round, there is a slight change in the scheme of things.
Previously, Soul Country was, to put it plainly a mish-mash of expression. Views, opinions, mixed with my attempts at playing wordsmith were the order of the day. As a result, it was more of a catch-all basket than an attempt at expression. From now on, it will serve more as a life journal. Of course, I will continue to tell stories , but I will be doing so in The Unlit Corner – a blog meant for those times when I find myself in the mood to spin a yarn.
So, here’s to further visits to Soul Country…