Today, I seem to be in a total blogging mood, so I thought – why not take a break from words & play with visuals? So, coming your way are some of the pics I have taken with my cell-phone camera over the past 2 years. It’s a trusty old Nokia 3660 and it has really served me quite well which is the reason I don’t feel like replacing it even though shinier, more feature-laden equipment is available nowadays.OK, so here we go…

1) A temple in rural Konkan on the way to my native place.

2) The pet parrot at my mom’s native place (Devgad). I went there in Dec ’05 after a gap of 11 years and she still recognised me as if I had never been away… 🙂

3) My dad’s school…(Shivaji Memorial High School,Kankavli)

4) My niece Jui, she’s such a darling… 🙂

5) Jui again…

6) Fog kissing the hills at Lonavala (15th August 2004)

7) The hills of Lonavala again. Notice the solitary waterfall that seems to be emerging from the union of the hills and the clouds.Oh, how much I wish I had more professional equipment on hand. This place is a veritable treasure trove…

That should be it for now. Expect much more in the near future. Once I manage to get a digicam for myself, I intend to run amok with it… 😉