Nearly a month back, I had talked about the black template getting a bit monotonous and letting the sun shine on my blog.But it seems that fate had something else in store.So, in keeping with my mood nowadays (and perhaps, for many more days to come), the bloggie will sport a moody,contemplative and introspective blue look instead.Secondly, I have done away with the idea of a centralised comment repository like fizbox so that I can know which comments correspond to which post.Lastly, and most important, I have also removed the visitor’s counter from the blog as I felt that I was better off concentrating on the quality of feedback that I was getting rather than being obsessed with how many people visited my home in blogosphere.
Also, I have decided that from now on, I will be more regularly posting over here and will spend some more time blogging instead of cribbing about how I don’t find any time to do so.
On that note, I will call it a day for now.Keep dropping in….