So, what explains my return to active blogging after more than a month’s interval?
All credit goes to Zarine who has tagged me with the “Pet Peeves” tag. Thanks to all the wonderful specimens of humanity floating around us, I feel confident of doing justice to the tag.Though I can’t say I will reach the magic figure of 20 as I find it a bit difficult to get peeved(thanks to patience bordering on the infinite), I will try my best. So, here goes…

As with Zarine’s post, X = people/persons/individuals

1) When my dad insists on switching off the fan, shutting the window (we have a common bedroom at my place) ,wrapping himself in a bedsheet and start snoring within minutes of hitting the bed, and all this on an April night, leaving me to brave the elements.
2) X who gleefully crack nasty jokes on somebody else but can’t tolerate even relatively plain ones when they are at the receiving end.Sense of humour, anybody?
3) X who feel that they are God’s gift to hapless humanity when in reality they are just a massive waste of genetic protoplasm.
4) X who, on an average, occupy 2.5 times the volume of an average homo sapiens & proceed to park their posteriors on the 4th seat, in a 6:45 Borivali fast, effectively putting paid to all your hopes of emerging from the train without any of your muscles being subjected to a free stretch-pull-press session.
5) X who pigheadedly advertise their own view of any subject as being the last word on the same without knowing even as much about the subject as Mallika Sherawat knows about method acting.
6) When I go to a restaurant/coffee shop and the attendant decides to focus his energies (among other things) on the PYT at the table next to me; ignoring me in the bargain. And no, the presence of the PYT is NOT a compensation.
7) X who feel that chattering away on their cells at top decibel is their birthright, especially during the rare poignant moments in a movie/play.
8) X who have willingly accepted themselves as Cupid’s incarnation on Planet Earth and are forever trying to either hook you up with somebody or pressurising you into tying the matrimonial knot. 27 and not married as yet?I have just the right kind of girl in sight for you.Trust me, you two are made for each other!!!
9) X who keep their rooms untidy, don’t turn up on time for a meeting or are, in general, unsystematic in their approach towards life.

10) X who, when you call then up, chat for long hours, promise to call you back sometime soon, and then never seem to find time to do so.
I am sure there are many more candidates for inclusion in this list, but at the moment these are all I can think of.I might come back with an appendix to the list soon, but for now, an urgent assignment needs more of my attention.Sorry Z, I had to keep it short!!!Bye for now & catch ya all later…