He really deserves the pride of place in this list. In all of my life, if there is one person with whom I feel at home totally, it’s this man. We met for the first time nearly a decade back in FYJC (Sathaye College). When I consider the chain of events that led to this happening, it seems nothing short of a miracle. Have a look at this:- RJD takes admission into Sathaye with Marathi as a subject.I get into Patkar College(Goregaon).I change over to Sathaye the very next day with Hindi as a subject.RJD decides to change over to Hindi after finding Marathi a bit tough. At the same time,the guy with the roll number next to me takes a transfer to another division and RJD is put into his place.The rest, as they say so often..is history.
Since then, he has been by my side through thick and thin, ups and downs. We have spent some of the most wonderful times together. What perhaps makes us tick is that externally, we are as different as two people can get without belonging to different species but internally we share the same core values, aspirations and way of thinking. With him, you tend to relax instantly and I am sure I am not the only person who thinks so. But if you think of him as only a softie, you are in for some surprise. Behind that exterior lies a determined achiever who will do all he can once he has set his eyes on something. Currently, he is into his management studies. Mark my words, this man will go a real long distance in life…and we will proudly watch him do so.