OK Haze, before you come charging at me, let me tell you that the credit (or otherwise) for the second nickname solely goes to RJD and I have got nothing to do with it.
We first met in the summer of ’99 when I had accompanied RJD to the British Library. We happened to meet again that year when I used to accompany RJD to Xavier’s for his T.Y.B.Sc. admissions. At first glance, I knew that this one was different from the pack. Usually, I am not a very good judge of people but in this case, I have been proved to be spot on. What sets her apart from the rest is perhaps a solid sensibility and the ability to make use of the stuff between the ears. Her maturity would suggest an age far more than her actual one.I had read somewhere that a Taurean female is the ‘salt of the earth’ – a collection of qualities a man looks for in a woman but never seems to find. Well, I couldn’t have got better proof of the statement. The letters she used to write to me stand testimony to that. Of late, there is almost no snail-mail communication between us but nevertheless, I will always treasure them. Nowadays, she is enjoying her first job, having completed her Psycho post-grad.