Close on the heels of the earlier post, comes this one about – yes, you guessed it right – yet another dream of mine. And unlike the earlier one, which was still pretty sober, this one is something which you wouldn’t expect of me. So, here comes a disclaimer – this is my dream, not the real me. 😛

It all begins in a hut near the top of a mountain. I am sitting outside the hut getting bored and looking towards the base of the mountain. There I can see a large beach on one side and a deep valley on another. I am in two minds as to where I should be going when I happen to notice a pair of binoculars lying nearby and decide to use it. Peering through the binoculars, I see a female form on the beach and nothing significant around the valley. So I opt for the beach. When I come down to the base of the mountain I am faced with a thick forest which was not present there when I had looked from above. Nevertheless, I decide to cross it – only to find that it is full of  trees and thorny bushes. Undeterred, I go on. The thorns tear my clothes to rags and I am profusely bleeding, but I still move on towards the beach, pulled by some unknown power.
When I cross the forest after what seems like an eternity, I reach the beach. There I don’t see any female but I do notice a rundown shack a few paces away. I enter the shack to find it very neat and clean, with stuff properly arranged. There is a bed and a small table beside it. I sit on the bed and instantly get a feeling of deja vu. Looking around, I notice that the drawer of the table is slightly ajar. I open it to find an envelope inside, containing a photo of me with a human form – the human form has been cut out of the picture. I put the photo back. When I am doing so,I notice that there is a blank photo frame lying around. I check it to find that there is actually a photo hidden inside it. It’s of a simple (but beautiful) girl whom I have never met before (in real life or in any of my dreams). I carry that photo with me and come out of the shack.
Wherever I can see, I can find only the sea. Now I am really desperate to find the girl in the photo. So I decide to walk in one direction, hoping that I would mange to find the female that I saw from the top of the mountain. After walking for quite some time, I happen to see a female walking some distance ahead of me. I run to her and holding her hand, turn her towards me. I am taken aback when I notice that she is faceless, except for her lips – no eyes, no ears, no features except lips. She smiles at me and says “you should not have come here”. I ask her who she is and what she means by that. She says nothing and just steps closer to me. As her scent hits me, I feel waves of intense craving engulf me. I pull her towards myself and kiss her hard. She has got luscious lips and I get totally carried away. I hold her body close to mine and though she does not seem to be responding, I am too carried away to notice. After a while, she starts responding and we proceed to make love for what seems like an eternity. At the end of it all, I am too exhausted but it feels absolutely heavenly. Then, as we are sitting close to each other, listening to the waves of the sea, I happen to look at her and see that she is no more a faceless entity, but has developed a face – the face of the girl in the photo. She smiles at me as I look at her and again says those very words – “you should not have come here”. I get confused and try to reason with her. Suddenly, a huge wave rises and falls on me. I nearly get carried away into the sea but manage to hold on. Strangely though, she remains unaffected by the impact of the wave. She again pleads with me to go away but I refuse to do so. After some time, a second wave hits me. This time though, I get pulled into the ocean. As I am being carried away underwater, I look at her – she is still smiling that same beatific smile when the scene darkens out, and I wake up.