No, I am not wishing myself a happy birthday here, though it does seem like I am. This is just to sum up a wonderful day that I had yesterday. If the calendar was a clock, it would have struck 34 for me yesterday (this is for all you people who keep asking me how old/young I am) and rang an alarm asking me to check my relationship status (this is for all the people who keep asking me about how long it was before I decide to make someone’s life miserable :P). Contrary to what some (actually many) people would have me believe, I have been enjoying my birthday even more as the years pass by. Every year, just when I think that this one is going to be a fairly standard, routine affair, life blesses me with some moments that make the day memorable. This year was no exception either. To know how, read on.

It all started at the stroke of midnight (actually a couple of minutes before) when the calendar crossed over from 18th to 19th. A friend (and a fellow genius – you know who you are. :P) who is known to doze off during conversations, and that too much before midnight called to wish me. It always feels awesome to have someone wish you at that exact minute, so it definitely means a lot. πŸ™‚ Minutes afterwards, my best friend Aru came up with this, which truly made my day. I had tears (of joy of course) in my eyes.

The D-day started off with some awesome puranpoli made by mom. It was spent mostly at office, being the center of attraction (my one day of stardom…bliss!! :D) and evading questions about age, treats and marriage, mostly in that order. Yes – work got done, too. NOW you can safely call me a workaholic, I guess. πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, one more rare thing happened – when I left office in the evening, the sky was actually bright with sunlight, and not the stars as it normally is. πŸ˜› On reaching home, there were 2 cakes waiting for me – one bought by dad and one sent over by Aru. Lo and behold – they turned out to be IDENTICAL. πŸ˜€ That was a fun thing to see (and eat).

No, I am not done yet. While all this was happening in the real world, the virtual world also showered its share of love and blessings on me. People whom I had not even known until a year back wished me on Twitter/Facebook without needing to be reminded (In all modesty, I am not someone who pimps my own birthday – I prefer to let people remember) at all. Thanks a ton, all you beautiful people. You added that extra dash of sunshine to the day. πŸ™‚

So, all in all, it was a great day – one that I will remember for a long time. And if you think that nothing spectacular happened (like parties, celebrations etc.), let me tell you, all that will indeed follow – the fun has just begun. πŸ™‚

P.S.: There were a few people who forgot to wish me, despite remembering it till a couple of days before. They are going to get their legs pulled like anything. like I said above, the fun has only begun. πŸ˜›