And here we are, at the end of yet another year. And like always, here I am, with my take on the year gone by. However, this is a take on the year in my life, and is certainly not a review of 2012 as you get to read in the news or watch on the TV.

This was one year where LOTS happened in almost every area of my life, and I am not going to go really deep into the details. Autobiography ke liye bhi kuch baaki rehna chaahiye na? As I normally do, this time too, I am going to break this post down into a few major categories, and expand on them. This also ensures that you can run away anytime you feel like, without missing on too much. 😛

  1. Career:
    Like most years, this was the area that saw a healthy amount of activity. I had switched departments in 2011, and I came back to my original one towards the end of this year. Without going into too much detail, I can surely say that this was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. To put my laurels behind, and to go back to being a rank learner, was a scary, yet exciting experience. Being a “newcomer” again taught me a few new things, helped me unlearn a few others, and gave me a fresh outlook, on the whole. And to boot, now I have a knowledge of one more domain, which helps me in my current profile as well, and not to mention, gives me some minor bragging rights as well. 😉
  2. Human Connections:
    I prefer to use this phrase over done-to-death clichés like “Love”, “Relationships”, “Friendships”, “Romance” and so on. Well, this was the front which dominated 2012 for me. And this was the area where I experienced both dizzying heights of ecstasy as well as the crushing depths of disappointment. It was in 2012 that the girl I love (not a typo – “love” is indeed the word, “loves” isn’t) the most, reciprocated my feelings (around January). A whole lot of moments and memories followed. Needless to say, it was the most top-of-the-world-and-beyond feeling ever. Having started on a heady high, the year almost floated by, before I could even blink. Unfortunately, the dreams that we saw together didn’t survive the collision with reality, and December saw life taking her away from me. The person who used to be an inseparable part of my being, is now but a fond dream from the past. And there is nothing that I can do except look back at the memories and smile to myself – “Well…it was great while it lasted”. So, has this changed me as a person? Well..that is what follows next.
  3. I, Me, Myself:
    Having seen both the highs and the lows that life can offer, all within the span of a year, one would naturally expect to see a lot of changes in oneself. Well, not for me, kyonki perfection ko improve karna bahut mushkil hota hai. 😉
    Jokes and dialogues apart, yes – this indeed has been a year which started on a high and ended in a kinda depressing manner. But no, this does not mean I have turned into some sad old bugger, cynical and critical of the world around him. Yes – I am indeed deeply affected by the disappointment, but no, I am NOT going to give up fighting for what I want, I am not going to give up on the hope that one day life will smile for me again, and for good. 🙂
    As I always like to tell myself – just because I didn’t achieve the desired success in a career initiative, or did not end up with the person I wanted to be with, it does not reflect on me as a person. I know that I did all that I could, and that is what really counts. If things didn’t happen the way I wanted, so be it. If I was punched and pounded, so be it. I am simply going to keep getting up, again and again, and again, a la Rocky Balboa, till life gives up and says…”kar le yaar…jo bhi karna hai“.

There is lots I could say, but I don’t want to be responsible for putting to sleep whoever reads this. So, I will sum it up with something that I always knew, and which life taught me once again this year:

हर जंग से विजेता होकर लौटना मुमकिन नहीं, कुछ सफ़र सिर्फ़ चलने के लिये तय करने पड़ते है ।

On that note, I will say adios. The hawa ka jhonka will blow past these pages soon…keep reading. 🙂