Time passed like honey oozing through a pinhole. It was already an hour past the decided time and there were no signs of her turning up.He was getting more and more restless with every passing minute.She loved doing this to him – promising him every morning to meet at the designated time at their usual meeting place near the corner of the beach, keeping him stranded for hours and then never ever turning up. Though she did this to him with unfailing regularity, he still used to wait for her everyday, hoping that she would turn up anytime – with that sweet apologetic smile of hers which would manage to cool him down instantly, no matter how irritated he would be with the long wait. But she never did turn up.
Even today, the same pattern of events was unfolding – much to his chagrin. Frustrated to no end, he decided that today was the last time he was going to be subjected to this dishonourable routine. He promised himself that he was going to settle this once and for all today itself, no matter how long a wait it took him. With this resolve having been made, he cooled down a bit and proceeded with the waiting game, to no avail. She did not turn up as always and he had to come back home when it got too dark to stand and wait on the beach.
As he climbed up the stairs to his apartment, he was feeling angry and idiotic at the same time – angry with her for not turning up and idiotic for believing her promises like a fool every single day.Walking in, he chucked away the roses he had bought for her into the wastebin – they were useless now. He was in an agitated state of mind and thought a drink would do him good.Picking up the drink from the counter, he found that he was out of ice. “That calls for a trip to the fridge” – he said aloud to himself. He loved doing that – talking aloud to himself, irrespective of what people used to say about that habit of his.Holding his drink in one hand, he opened the giant freezer.
“Aha…there you are!!!” – he exclaimed, “And to think that I have been waiting for you all day long at the beach”. She was lying there – fresh as dew. The days spent in the freezer had failed to dull her pristine beauty a single bit, except for a deep gash running across her neck. “If only she had not protested so much…”, he said aloud to himself, as he shut the freezer door.
Tommorow was going to be another long day at the beach….