I have never believed in the concept of ‘love-at-first-sight’ (maybe ‘love-at-49th sight’; yes – that’s plausible). Strangely enough, I came REALLY close to falling prey to this phenomenon which has been done to death (and beyond) by our Bollywood Badshahs. In hindsight, it seems to be a silly experience but I must say I enjoyed it while it lasted 😉
It happened on the 18th of July when yours truly was browsing through some books at the British Library – the rain pouring in its entire glory outside. Suddenly, a cool breeze wafted through, a violin started playing in the background and in walked one of the finest specimens of beauty that I have witnessed in my (rather limited) existence on Planet Earth. Ok, so there was no violin around and the cool breeze turned out to be the A.C. outlet but that does not diminish the lyricism of the situation in any way. Dusky skin, big round honey-hued eyes (I am a sucker for them…), a shoulder-length boyish hair-cut…. “I was hooked” will be a gross understatement. A shy but honest smile and a pair of specs (another blow to my resistance) completed the package. Briefly put, she was poetry-on-legs. And she was sitting on the chair bang in front of me.
So what jolted yours truly of the enchanting reverie? Maybe my Emotion Control System went on auto-pilot launching Operation Damage Control but I think what ultimately did the trick was the looming presence of a 6.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide specimen belonging to the species of homo sapiens boyfriendus, which effectively put paid to any (unrealistic) hopes yours truly might have harboured.
I know this is the perfect anticlimax but honestly, that’s what transpired on that afternoon. In the end, I was left thinking as to what a heavy lunch, pouring rains and some good air-conditioning could lead to 😉